Home-Made Pizza Recipe: Mixed Pizza with Cheese Stuffed Edgeūüćē

Home-Made Pizza Recipe: Mixed Pizza with Cheese Stuffed Edgeūüćē

How to Make Pizza Recipe at Home? Is it hard to make a filling edge pizza recipe? How to make cheese rimmed mixed pizza at home? Isn’t it time to say goodbye to ready-made pizzas? Canpizza pita, which is prepared by putting various types of meat and vegetables on it and baked in the oven, easily be made at home? If the recipe for homemade pizza is illustrated, why not? If you say “How to make pizza at home“, you should try this easy and practical mixed pizza recipe that is cooked in the oven. Here’s a delicious homemade filling edge pizza recipe that you can easily make for home preparation:

Home-Made Pizza Recipe: Mixed Pizza with Cheese Stuffed Edgeūüćē
Home-Made Pizza Recipe: Mixed Pizza with Cheese Stuffed Edgeūüćē

Home Style Cheese Side Pizza Ingredients

Home Pizza Dough Recipe Ingredients: What Are the Ingredients for Pizza Dough?

A glass of warm water

How much yeast is put into pizza dough flour? A tablespoon dry (instant) yeast or yeast half a pack

A dessert spoon of powdered sugar (to speed up the fermentation)

A teaspoon of salt

Two to three tablespoons of oil

Three glasses of flour

For Edge in Pizza Recipe:

Cheddar cheese

For Pizza Sauce in Home Pizza Recipe:

Two tablespoons of tomato paste

A tablespoon of oil

A teaspoon of dried thyme

A teaspoon of basil or finely chopped basil

Two tablespoons of water to dilute tomato paste

If desired a tea spoon black pepper

For Topping On Home Style Pizza Recipe:

A red pepper

A green pepper

Ten to fifteen pieces of sausage and / or salami slices

A glass of grated cheddar cheese

(Cheddar is sufficient in the home pizza recipe, but mozzarella if available)

If desired, one to two tablespoons of boiled corn kernels, cherry tomatoes six – seven sliced ‚Äč‚Äčmushrooms

To sprinkle on the tray in Homemade Pizza Recipe:

Semolina or cornmeal

Easy Pizza Recipe – Homemade Cheese Side Mixed Pizza Recipe Preparation – Baked Pizza

How to Make Pizza Dough at Home? Best Pizza Dough Recipe? How is mixed pizza made? Italian Pizza Dough Recipe

  1. Easy Pizza Dough Recipe Homemade: How to Knead Pizza Dough in Home Pizza Recipe? Recipe for Pizza Dough If the recipe for pizza dough is leavened, place granulated sugar and yeast in warm water in a deep bowl and wait for it to rise. Half of the flour is sifted and the middle is opened in the form of a pool, the swelling yeast, oil and salt are added and mixed and kneaded. The remaining flour is added slowly. “How to make the best pizza dough?” If it is called, it is thoroughly kneaded until you obtain a dough that does not stick to the hand but is very soft. This may take ten minutes. The flour amount can be changed according to the state of the dough in the handmade pizza recipe ; If it is hard, the flour can be reduced, if it is soggy, flour can be added. While the easy pizza dough is obtained in this way, the question of how to make medium pizza dough becomes clear.
  2. How to Prove Dough in Pizza Recipe at Home? The well-kneaded dough is rolled into a ball and placed in a deep greased bowl. It is covered with a damp cloth or stretch film in order to prevent it from drying and scabbing, and wait at least one hour until it reaches twice the volume in a non-cold place. The dough is fermented to reach its original consistency and soft pizza dough is obtained. If there is not much time to make ready-made pizza at home, fermentation can be accelerated in the oven set at thirty to forty degrees or heated and closed and left open.
  3. How to Thin Pizza Dough? Thin Pizza DoughThe swollen dough is kneaded and the air is taken out and lightly floured on the counter, pulling it from the edges by hand, pressing it from the middle parts towards the edges and turning it into a round shape. If desired, it can be opened by turning the dough with a roller. Pizza masters stretch and expand the dough in opposite directions with both hands punched in the air, gradually opening it. It is provided to be five to six centimeters wider than the tray to be used. If it is going to be a matter of transportation from the counter to the tray, the dough can be taken to the tray and opened manually. Pizza thickness is an important feature in terms of taste and it is generally preferred to open it thinly. However, parallel to the fineness level, the tear ability and the risk of being crunchy will increase and the cooking time will decrease. If it is aimed to be thin, the rolling pin is a more suitable tool. If the thickness is too much, the base will swell. Half to one centimeter thickness can be preferred. It can be pierced with a toothpick or fork in a few places as a precaution against the cases that the material does not align properly and the inside is not cooked well due to excessive swelling while cooking.
  4. Unleavened Pizza Dough Break an egg into a deep bowl and whisk. Continue whisking by adding four tablespoons of yogurt, half a tea glass of milk, a teaspoon of salt, a teaspoon of granulated sugar and four tablespoons of olive oil. Half a glass of water is added. Three cups of flour and a packet of baking powder are sifted and added and mixed. Water and flour are added according to its consistency. A dough that is runny and slightly sticky to the hand is obtained and fermented for ten to fifteen minutes. Then spread the dough on a greased pizza tray by hand lightly dipped in oil. It is cooked in a preheated oven for 15 minutes by enriching it with the desired ingredients.
  5. How to Place Pizza Dough on a Tray? If Teflon or a non-stick tray is not used, a tablespoon of semolina or cornmeal can be sprinkled on the tray as a thin layer to prevent the pizza from sticking. This style, beyond providing crispness and good browning, can also bring flavor to a more specific level. As other solutions, the dough can be placed in a greased tray or greaseproof paper can be laid so that it does not overflow the tray.
  6. Cheese Edge Making in Pizza Recipe at Home: Cheddar cheese, which is grated or cut into strips, is laid to form a large ring on the areas within two or three centimeters from the edge. The amount of pizza with lots of cheese can be increased if desired. The dough that overflows from the tray is folded over the cheese area and closed and rolled. It is pressed on it to stick to the dough below so that it does not open while cooking. Thus, a Folded Edge Pizza is obtained.
  7. Dominos Garlic Edge Recipe: Melt butter. Five or six crushed garlic cloves are added to the melted butter. Garlic sauce is spread on the side of the pizza and covered. Egg is spread on the edge.
  8. Pre-Cooking in Pizza Recipe at Home: As the vegetables of the pizza cook faster than dough, pre-cooking is done for five to ten minutes as a precaution against drying the garnish when you want to cook the dough and leaving the dough raw when you want to cook the ingredients right. In addition, the issue of softening the dough of the material that will leave its water while cooking is also solved. With this pre-cooking, which is done before placing the top of the pizza after the edges are made, the actual cooking time is shorter. It is taken out of the oven, the sauce is spread on it and the top material is laid.
  9. Pizza Sauce Preparation at Home: How to Make Pizza Sauce? Pizza sauces can be made in many different ways. As a practical solution, the sauce is opened in a deep bowl with tomato paste, oil and water to make it fluid. Spices such as thyme and basil are added and mixed. Apart from its own flavor, sauce has added values ‚Äč‚Äčto pizza. It ensures that the top material to be placed is easily arranged and held to the dough it softens. Italian pizza dough is rolled thinly and after cooking, olive oil sauce with basil is spread over it.
  10. Pizza Recipe at Home: Preparation of Top Toppers: It depends on the ingredients at hand. Mushrooms are thoroughly washed, dried and finely chopped into half a moon; Cherry tomatoes, sausages and salami are sliced; The pitted red peppers are cut into rings. Depending on the different ingredients, the seeds are removed and thinly sliced ‚Äč‚Äčblack olives, green peppers, red and yellow stuffed peppers, corn kernels and other side dishes are prepared.
  11. Pizza Recipe at Home: Laying the Pizza Top: In order to ensure an even distribution, the sauce starts from the center of the pizza dough with the help of a ladle, spoon or brush and spreads smoothly towards the edges by turning it in the same direction. It is not applied to the edges against the possibility of overflow. On top of the sauced pizza, first some grated cheddar, then the desired delicatessen products; Sausages and salami, mushrooms and vegetables are placed evenly and evenly. Those that are more difficult to cook are put on the upper layer. So what to smear the side of the pizza? If desired, sesame or poppy can be sprinkled on the edges.
  12. Pizza in the Kitchen Recipe: Making Pizza at Home Cooking on a Tray: The pizza on the tray is cooked in the oven with a preheated fan at 200 degrees, by placing it on the lower shelf of the oven and checking it from time to time so that the ingredients on it do not burn immediately. If it is browning fast, the oven is turned down. Before it is fully cooked, take it out of the oven and sprinkle some grated cheese on top. This is for both flavor and material fixing purposes. Pizza is baked until this cheese melts and the edges are browned. Those who prefer cheese-free pizza recipes should pay attention to fixing the ingredients.
  13. Service: Homemade Cheese Side Mixed Pizza is served hot on a heated serving plate with a cold ayran or fruit juice after its initial temperature is gone. Some people prefer to eat two pizzas in a row.

Other aspects of the easy mixed pizza recipe with cheese rim and easy pizza recipe tricks at home

  1. Is milk or yoghurt added to Pizza Dough? It may be, but the flavor is closer to a pastry taste than oven pita. If it is desired to be added for a softer taste, it should be fresh and at room temperature like all other ingredients. How to make soft pizza dough? The above recipe provides a soft dough as it should be. However, for the softer pizza dough, fresh yeast pizza dough and milk pizza dough can be used. We do not prefer to add eggs in this dough recipe.
  2. Fresh yeast pizza dough:¬†“How to make¬†pizza dough¬†at home?”¬†It is also wondered which yeast should be used while trying.¬†When preparing Pizza Recipe at Home, different yeasts can be used after they are fresh.¬†It is taken into account that 50 grams of fresh yeast is equivalent to 20 grams of dry yeast.
  3. Pizza Dough with Baking Powder: Is it yeast-free pizza dough? Although it can be made with baking powder, the flavor may not be at the same level. Yeast-free pizza recipe is mostly recipes with baking powder made using eggs. Pizza dough without fermenting is mostly used in stovetop pizzas. Sourdough gives a different flavor to the dough. Yeast-free pizza recipe:Break an egg into a deep bowl and whisk it. Add four tablespoons of yogurt, half a tea glass of milk, a teaspoon of salt, a teaspoon of granulated sugar and four tablespoons of olive oil and mix well. Half a glass of water is added, three cups of flour and a packet of baking powder are sifted and mixed and continued. Add water and flour to obtain a runny dough that sticks slightly to the hand. The dough is rested for a quarter of an hour and the hand is dipped in oil and spread by pressing it on an oiled tray. It is cooked in a preheated oven for approximately twenty minutes by placing the desired ingredients on it.
  4. Can a pizza recipe be made without the dough rolling treat? The dough to be taken from the bread oven can also be a solution with a different flavor. Apart from that, unlike the Italian pizza recipe method, it is also possible to make an edge pizza in the pastry, which looks more like a pastry.
  5. Pizza dough not rising: Cold weather, stale yeast, not waiting for enough time, ingredients being too hot or cold may cause. If the pre-cooking technique is not applied, the pizza is rested for fifteen to twenty minutes for tray yeast before baking.
  6. If the pizza dough is too soft , add flour and knead it until it reaches a consistency. In this case, one should wait longer to ferment.
  7. Is flour added to the fermented dough in the pizza recipe? If the dough is left to ferment in a runny state, flour is not added later and the dough may deteriorate. You can try to give shape with oiled hands.
  8. How to know that pizza dough is fermented? Holes form as its volume doubles.
  9. What can the leftover pizza dough be made of? It can last for a few days in the refrigerator. It can be fried dough, bread and pita.
  10. Different pizza recipe sauces: It is also obtained by putting the peeled and chopped fresh tomatoes on a robot and crushing them with the addition of tomato paste, salt, thyme, basil, black pepper, chili pepper and mint. Pepper paste and one or two cloves of crushed garlic are also the sauce material that increases the flavor. In order to bring the dough to a consistency that will not dilute it, the grated tomato is cooked with onion, garlic, tomato paste, vinegar, oil, salt and spices, and then a delicious Marinara Sauce is made and left to cool. Ready-made tomato sauces can also be used in the pizza recipe. Using ketchup will change the flavor, it is more appropriate not to add it.
  11. Although thyme, basil and basil are the primary spices in the pizza recipe at home , hot red pepper, freshly ground black pepper, cumin, mint and rosemary can also be used. However, if some get lost in measure, it will result in a dominant aroma.
  12. What are the cheeses that can be used in Pizza at Home recipe? Other cheeses such as cheddar or string cheese, which can be shredded small so that they dissolve quickly, can be used. Mozzarella cheese owes its reputation outside of Italy, the homeland of pizza, to its use in this flavor. Mozzarella cheese is a moist, semi-soft, solid, pickled, freshly used cheese, typically white in color. It is preferred in some pastries other than pizza, lasagna and other pasta. Other cheeses of Italians are parmesan, kaskaval; Cheddar cheese of the British and Gouda cheese of the Netherlands are also suitable for pizza.
  13. Side¬†filling in Pizza Home¬†Recipe¬†: The side filling for¬†‚ÄúStuffed Crust Pizza‚ÄĚ can be made from cheese as well as diced sausage, cheese sausage mix, Hungarian salami, whole sausage and other ingredients.¬†For example, a sausage rimmed pizza is obtained by placing boiled and peeled cocktail sausages on the edges of the dough.¬†If it is desired to have a simit-edged pizza instead of filling, the edges¬†can be made with a dough that is wicked and twisted.¬†Molasses can be applied with a brush and sesame seeds can be sprinkled.
  14. Anatolian approach to the top ingredient for Pizza Recipe at Home: To¬†better suit the taste of Lahmacun lovers, the top ingredient¬†can be made with¬†lightly roasted minced meat and spicy onion mortar¬†instead of sausage, salami and sausage¬†.¬†In fact,¬†Doner Pizza can be made with¬†HOME MADE MEAT DONER¬†or by cooking a small amount of ready-made doner.¬†In addition, pizza with roasted meat, pizza with bacon are also possible.¬†Pizza varieties with¬†cubes, tuna fish¬†, chicken, zucchini, spinach, eggplant and artichoke appeal to different tastes.¬†Those who want a plain pizza as much as possible can make Neapolitan pizza with tomato and Mozzarella cheese.¬†Local values ‚Äč‚Äčcan also be used as a base: LavaŇü pizza.
  15. Can the dough be kept for the guest? The dough that is kneaded in the night can be preserved in the refrigerator in the form of meringues by stretching, provided that it is well closed for use the next day, after waiting for it to ferment. When it is cooked, it is taken out and kept at room temperature for a while, and the pizza can be made by kneading and removing the air and yeast odor. Actually for a better pizza (a better meatball It is not uncommon for those who think that the dough should ferment after being kneaded and that it should be kept in the refrigerator for at least seven to eight hours without keeping it outside. They also think of this as part of the perfect pizza dough recipe. In addition, it can be brought to a further stage and placed in the closet. If desired, it can be shaped and sauce is spread, all ingredients except vegetables can be placed and placed in the freezer in a well-sealed refrigerator bag. When it is being prepared, vegetables are added, it can be cooked directly in the preheated oven without thawing as it will cause watering. Pizza lovers can also use this technique for Ramadan iftar and sahur. Of course, although the cooking time varies depending on the oven, planning should be made considering that it can be fifteen to twenty minutes.
  16. How should the tray be when preparing Pizza Recipe at Home? Although perforated pizza trays are more convenient, other usual baking trays can be used. Pizza stone is not necessary for a good pizza. It can also be cooked in electric pizza pots and pans.
  17. What can be a precaution against excessive drying and burning in pizza recipes? In order to prevent these situations that may occur due to the different characteristics of the ovens, it is a common method to place a heat-resistant container with some water while placing the tray in the oven to prevent drying, as in other pastries, as an additional remedy other than the pre-cooking technique.
  18. Pan Pizza Recipe: PIZZA ON THE PAN
  19. Mushroom Pizza Recipe: PIZZA WITH MUSHROOM
  20. Cheese Spinach Pizza Recipe: PIZZA WITH SPINACH AND CHEESE
  21. Sausage Pizza Recipe: Sausage PIZZA RECIPE
  22. Pizza Pastry Recipe:¬†PIZZAūüćē Pastry

History of Pizza

In 1833, Alexandre Dumas, in his Le Corricolo travel book, describes how the poor people of Neapolitan ate watermelon during the summer and pizza during the winter. Pizza was always eaten for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Pizza was cut and sold as a bread, cut into pieces of different sizes upon customers’ request. Various ingredients such as anchovies, tomatoes, cheese and oil were added to the pizza bread. Source1

How Many Calories in 1 Slice of Mixed Pizza ?

Easy pizza recipe at home – although one of the yummy recipes, the calories may be different than one hoped. “1 slice of homemade mixed pizza 335 kcal for 130 grams. 1 portion of medium mixed pizza 500 kcal for 200 grams. 100 grams of homemade mixed pizza 257 kcal.” Source2 According to another more reliable source, it gives the figure of 266 kcal as the calorie of a 35 cm standard dough pizza. Source3 In fact, very different figures can be encountered in this regard due to the diversity in its construction. How many grams is a pizza that is relatively standard in production? Domino’s Pizza Calories: Dominos Thin Dough Small Pizza consists of 97.5 gr dough. It only contains 58.5 grams of carbohydrate according to the amount of dough, which is four slices of bread. Dominos Thin Dough Medium Pizza consists of 195 gr dough. Mixed Pizza (Medium) 1 slice 260 kcal, Chicken Kickers 1 piece 45 kcal, Mixed Pizza (Medium) 1 slice 241 kcal, New York Pizza (Large) 1 slice 180 kcal, Extravaganza (Medium) 1 slice 160 kcal expressed as. Domino’s Fit fresh Pizza Calories are 131 calories per 100 grams. Margarita pizza calories: 100 grams of margarita pizza is 200 kcal. Superfresh Pizza Calories: Superfresh Pizza King is 181 kcal in a 100-gram serving,

Is Pizza Healthy? Nutrition Tips for Pizza Lovers

 Many types of ready-made pizza, especially frozen and fast food varieties, tend to be high in calories, fat, and sodium. More processed raw materials may contain unhealthy ingredients such as colorants, added sugar and preservatives. While many types of pizza are high in calories, sodium, and carbohydrates, those prepared at home or in a pizzeria can be made healthier by adding nutritious foods or choosing whole-grain crusts. There are many ways to increase the nutritional value of pizza. Choosing vegetables and whole grain products, avoiding processed meats, choosing sauce without added sugar, avoiding high-calorie options and cutting smaller slices can be healthier. Source4

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