Meatloaf (With Garniture)

Materials and views with different meatballs a master worthy to invite the strapping table dumplings food is described. It is a delicious taste that will take on the main role in careful tables. If you pay attention to a few tricks, it can be done quite easily. No need to worry! The meatballs mix and vegetables will eliminate the odor of eggs. However, boiled baby potatoes and meatloaf can also be prepared without eggs. So, for those who say, “How to make roast meatballs?” here is plain meatloaf recipe …


Meatloaf (With Garniture) Ingredients

For the meatballs:

750 g ground beef

One large onion, grated

Two eggs (one of them white to be spread on the meatballs)

Four or five slices of stale bread crumbs

Two tablespoons of oil

A tablespoon of pepper paste

For the inside:

Three boiled eggs

Garnish with a cup of boiled potatoes, carrots and peas

Meatloaf (With Garnish) Recipe

  1. Put the meatball ingredients in the kneading bowl, mix and knead well. It is covered with stretch and kept in the refrigerator for one or two hours.
  2. Aluminum foil is laid on the floor of a tray. The meatball mortar kept in the fridge is spread in a smooth rectangle. Boiled solid and peeled eggs and garnish are placed in the middle. It is rolled up starting from the wide side.
  3. Egg white is spread over the meatballs all over the meatball. It is left to bake in a preheated 200 degree oven. When the meatballs begin to fry a little, the oil accumulated in the tray is poured over the meatball with the help of a spoon. (It is cooked in roti method.) This prevents the meatball from drying out.
  4. When it is understood that the meatball is cooked, it is taken out of the oven. Before serving, boil a spoonful of pepper paste, a spoonful of oil and a half glass of water. A solid sauce is obtained.
  5. After the first heat comes out, this tomato paste sauce is poured over the Garnished Meatloaf , sliced ​​in two finger widths, and served with a puree if desired.

Other Issues Related to Meatloaf  (Garnished) Recipe and Tips

  • In order to peel boiled eggs more easily, a piece of lemon or half a teaspoon of baking powder can be put into the pan .
  • What is roast? Roast comes from the Italian “arrosto” ” Meat cooked in slices after boiled or directly fried.” is a word meaning. In English, it is “lean beef meat served by cutting slices after boiled or fried” originated from roast. What is Nuar? Nuar, a lean and limitless meat, is the first type of meat that comes to mind when it comes to roast. If it is cooked properly, a soft and delicious meat can be obtained, which spreads in the mouth. Start on the inside of the calf’s knee joint and extend out of the hip joint. What are roast meatballs? Meatballs, which are served sliced ​​into slices, are called “roast meatballs, roll meatballs”.
  • Overcoming the problem of egg shell while boiling the eggs: A slice of lemon or tea spoon of baking soda can be added into the boiling water.
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