Puffy Hamburger Bun Recipe

How to make easy hamburger buns at home? How to make soft hamburger bread , which is indispensable in hamburger making ? How to make hamburger bread that can be used for both hamburgers and different sandwiches? Here is the Original Hamburger Bread Recipe …

Great Hamburger Bun Recipe
Puffy Hamburger Bun Recipe

Original Hamburger Bun Recipe Ingredients

Three glasses of flour

A glass of warm milk

One egg

A pack of instant yeast

A dessert spoon of salt

A meal tablespoon soft butter

On top: Two tablespoons of yogurt and sesame seeds

Great Hamburger Bun Recipe - oven
Puffy Hamburger Bun Recipe-2
Super Hamburger Bun Recipe - before baking
Puffy Hamburger Bun Recipe-3

Original Hamburger Bread Recipe – How to Make Real Hamburger Bun?

  1. The middle of the flour opens like a pool; Yeast milk, egg, salt and butter are added and kneaded is started.
  2. A very soft dough is obtained that does not stick to the hand.
  3. The kneaded dough is covered with stretch and left to ferment in a non-cold place for approximately one hour until the dough is doubled.
  4. Lemon-sized pieces are cut from the fermented dough, kneaded with fingertips and rolled by hand. It is placed on a baking tray that is greased or greased at intervals.
  5. It is fermented again on the tray for another fifteen to twenty minutes. It is covered so that it does not get dry. If the tray yeast time is too long, it may spread and stick together. In this case, each can be rolled and shaped again.
  6. Yoghurt is spread on the fermented dough and sesame is sprinkled. A bowl of water is placed at the bottom of the oven. Hamburger Bread is baked in a preheated 190 degree oven.

“How to make Burger Bread?” Other Considerations and Special Hamburger Bread Tips

  1. Hamburger Bread – Its Exquisite Appearance We were contented with spreading yogurt on it. However, if a more attractive color is desired, the whipped egg yolk can be mixed with a tablespoon of water or milk and spread. Even more advanced colors can be obtained by waiting to dry and applying a second layer.
  2. Although there are those who add some sugar to the hamburger bread dough, we did not prefer it.
  3. All materials should be used at room temperature. The fermentation time of the dough may vary depending on the place where it is located, and the cooking time may differ according to the oven.
  4. Hamburger Bread Without Milk: Hamburger bread recipe can also be made without milk. Warm water or watery yogurt can be used instead of milk.
  5. An even more fluffy hamburger bread recipe includes a glass of water, milk and oil.
  6. Healthy Hamburger Bread Recipe: This heading refers to the use of wholemeal flour, whole wheat flour or quinoa flour, yellow lentil flour or dry bean flour in order to be gluten-free. Mixtures of whole wheat flour, oatmeal, rye paste, coarse wheat bran are also used. The amount of flour to be used and the odor, color and texture of the hamburger breads will be different. Sugar is not used in the recipe, but for those who want to use a teaspoon of genuine grape molasses instead of sugar, meatballs. It is among the health recommendations to bake the oven at low temperature instead of frying. It may also be beneficial to use strained yogurt instead of mayonnaise. With homemade hamburgers, preservatives, high levels of salt, Chinese salt and sugar additives in fastfood foods are avoided. In this case, instead of acidic refined sugar drinks, fresh fruit juice and water ayran are preferred.
  7. Is Hamburger Bread Preserved in the Freezer? After baking, hamburger breads can be stored in the freezer in the freezer by putting them in refrigerator bags as with other breads. It needs to be brought to room temperature a few hours before it becomes edible, or when it is taken out of the freezer and heated in the oven for three to five minutes, it becomes ready to use at its first freshness.
  8. Hamburger bread Bim: In July 2020, the price of 320 grams Unlüx 4-Piece Gourmet Hamburger Bread was 4.95 TL. What is the best Hamburger Bread brand? You can share it in the comments.
  9. Nusret Hamburger Bread Recipe There may be many different recipes in the Special Hamburger Bread group. A glass of warm water, warm milk, a tablespoon of oil, two teaspoons of sugar, a teaspoon of salt and a pack of instant yeast, add flour gradually to a slightly sticky consistency and knead for at least five minutes. Cover and leave to ferment for forty minutes. The rising dough isdivided intonine parts of tea and rolled and placed on a tray. It is fermented in a tray for twenty minutes with the cover covered. A whipped egg yolk is smeared with a brush. It is baked in a preheated oven at 190 degrees for fifteen minutes or until golden brown. It is taken from the oven and left to cool.
  10. Baking Powdered Hamburger Bread (Yeast-Free Hamburger Bread, Yeast-Free Sandwich Bread) Yeast-Free Bread There are those who use instant yeast together with baking powder, as well as those who make a pack of baking powder without using yeast. Those who have detailed information on this subject can share in the comments. Instead of hamburger bread with dry yeast, Hamburger Bread can be made with fresh yeast. A formula for conversion between yeasts: (1 part instant = 1.5 parts active dry = 3 parts fresh yeast). In another source, “Since fresh yeast contains moisture, it is stated that for the same effect, fresh yeast should be used 3 times the instant and 2.5 times the active dry yeast amount. In other words (1 part instant = 2.5 parts active dry = 3 parts fresh yeast) Source A formula that means (1 part instant = 2 parts active dry = 4 parts fresh yeast) is suggested elsewhere. Source2 In another place (1 measure instant = 1.35 parts active dry = 2.7 parts fresh yeast) Source3 Different formulas may be encountered in different places. Some companies that produce yeast that are interesting in this regard should avoid giving these formulas carefully … In order for fresh yeast and active dry yeast granules to work, dissolve in a little warm liquid with a little sugar or honey and for 5 to 10 minutes until bubbles begin to form on the surface of the yeast mixture. must be kept waiting.
  11. How to make a hamburger homemade? How is hamburger sauce made? How to make easy hamburgers? For the Hamburger Recipe, see HOME MADE HAMBURGER RECIPE.
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Great Hamburger Bun Recipe - After Baking
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Super Hamburger Bun Recipe - Ready
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