Brownie Cookies (Wet Cookies)

Brownies, Cocoa Wet Cookie (Brownie Cookie, Sweet Cookie)

How about preparing a flavor that is a mixture of wet cake , brownie , sugar pare? Brownie is indeed a type of chocolate cake . It originated in the USA and Canada in the 19th century . It took its current form in 1907. However, wet cocoa cookie is not a dessert with syrup, but a nice slightly wet cookie. It is very easy to make delicious wet cookies that can be served with tea with cracked and crunchy, soft inside and dispersing in the mouth …

Brownies, Cocoa Wet Cookie (Brownie Cookie, Sweet Cookie)
Brownies (Wet Cookies)

Cocoa Cookie Ingredients

100 grams of butter

Half tea glass of oil (medium size)

One egg

A pack of baking powder

Three meals tablespoons cocoa delete

Salt with the tip of the teaspoon

A tea cup granulated sugar

Two and a half – three glasses of flour

A pack of vanilla if desired

For the Topping: Coconut, powdered pistachio or poppy

For the sherbet:

A glass of water

A glass of granulated sugar

Two to three drops of lemon juice

Brownies, Cocoa Wet Cookie (Brownie Cookies, Sweet Cookie)
Brownies, Cocoa Wet Cookie (Brownie Cookies, Sweet Cookie)
Brownies, Cocoa Wet Cookie (Brownie Cookies, Sweet Cookie)

Wet Cocoa Cookies (Brownie Cookies, Cookies with Sherbet) Recipe

  1. First, sherbet is prepared: A glass of sugar and a glass of water are put in a small pot. It is mixed over medium heat until the sugar dissolves. When it starts to boil, it is kept on low heat for five more minutes. Two to three drops of lemon are squeezed. A stone is boiled and taken from the stove and left to warm. The juice of fruits such as oranges can also be added to the brownie cookie syrup to provide a different flavor.
  2. Butter, oil, egg, and sugar softened at room temperature are taken into the kneading bowl and mixed until the sugar dissolves. If desired, a mixer can be used.
  3. First, two glasses of flour, a pinch of salt, cocoa, and baking powder are sifted and kneaded. The rest of the flour is added little by little to obtain a medium-hard dough. It may cause less flour to spread and more flour to disperse after baking. Therefore, the dough should be neither too hard nor too soft. It should not have the consistency of an earlobe so that it does not spread. Some also prefer to add finely ground walnuts or hazelnuts to the dough. In this case, the flavor approaches Cevizpare. Those who want to add drops of chocolate to the dough can reduce the amount of sugar a little.
  4. Slightly larger pieces of walnuts are cut, rolled, shaped, and placed on a baking tray that is greased or greased at intervals. Although a different appearance can be given by pressing them in the middle, this application may cause the interior to be tighter. It is baked in a preheated 180-degree oven. In general, cracking on them may indicate that they are baked. If it is overcooked and the inside becomes too hard, the syrup may not be absorbed.
  5. Then, cooked Wet Cocoa Cookies are dipped one by one into the warmed sherbet after their first temperature is gone. It is kept for a minute and taken to the service plate. Care should be taken at this point. If they stay in syrup for a long time, there is a danger that they soften and disintegrate or turn into a syrupy dessert, and if they are immersed for a shorter time than necessary, they will remain dry. If necessary, the time can be adjusted by testing the situation in the first cookies.
  6. If desired, it is dipped in the whole coconut or served with some coconut on it. Poppy and powdered pistachios are other decoration options. It can be used if the hazelnut is very finely ground. Drop chocolate can also be glued. This should be done right after the syrup for the ornaments to hold. Rest it for a few hours with its top covered will allow it to absorb the syrup better and increase its flavor. Keeping this waiting at room temperature, not in the refrigerator, will prevent both the cookies from getting too hard and the ornaments to lose their flavor.

Note: For a different taste in Cocoa Brownie Cookies, it can also be made with sherbet milk. It can also be covered with chocolate sauce instead of decorating.

Brownies, Cocoa Wet Cookie (Brownie Cookies, Sweet Cookie)
Brownies, Cocoa Wet Cookie (Brownie Cookies, Sweet Cookie)

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