French Toast


How to fry egg toast? Egg bread is a delicious and practical flavor that children will love too, for breakfast and five o’clock tea at the weekend. Fatty fish uninteresting bread, French toast, slice kaygana of cicipap on, with names like papurtl but said that a recipe made with less material and eggsVarious tastes can be reached with different ingredients and spices that can be added to the french toast. Stale bread rather than fresh is more suitable for the purpose as it is difficult to cut properly, the inside will remain wet and it will shrink the oil too much.

It is a good method of evaluating the breads that are taken too much and become stale for a day or two. Stale pitas in the same condition can be turned into a delicious taste in this way. “How to make plain egg bread?” Here are the tips and pictures of mother style frying egg toast, which is the simplest of the recipes for fried egg toast to cheer up Sunday breakfasts.

French Toast

French Toast Recipe Ingredients

A stale bread

Three eggs

Salt with the tip of the teaspoon

Oil for frying

Non-stick pan

Paper towel

Water or milk

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Practical French Toast3
French Toast4

Practical French Toast Without Milk Recipe (Bread Fish) – How to Make Stale Bread with Eggs?

  1. Breads are sliced ​​to be neither thin nor thick. If it is too thin, it can be dispersed, if it is thick, it may be tasteless due to the parts that are not fully covered with eggs. Finger thickness can be preferred.
  2. Break three eggs into a deep and wide bowl. Add water and salt and whisk thoroughly with a wire whisk, fork or mixer. Water for better whisking of eggs; salt is added to make egg breads taste better. Milk can be used instead of water.
  3. The cooker is lit, oil is poured into the pan placed on it and it is heated. In order for egg breads not to absorb oil, oil is not added and egg breads are expected to be fully fried before being taken into the pan.
  4. The slices of bread, which are dipped into a bowl of scrambled eggs with the help of a fork or fork, are placed in a non-stick pan. Make sure that the sides are also sauced. However, it is not kept in the mortar for too long to make it crispy when cooked. When one side of the egg bread slices is fried, the other side is turned over. Care is taken not to blush too much. Egg breads should not be left from the stove as they can brown and burn quite quickly. Pomegranate or golden yellow colors are sufficient for the redness level. Although it is preferred to fry both sides equally, there are also those that sauce and fry one side to make it lighter. Sauce and fry are done in the same way until all slices are finished.
  5. Excess oil can be removed by transferring it to a service plate covered with paper towels or napkins.
  6. Fried Egg Toast (Bread Fish) is servedhot or lukewarm with freshly brewed tea , feta cheese, olives, honey and jam . Season salad health, tomatoes, peppers will suit him well.

Breakfast Tips for French Toast and Additional Information for Egg Bread Types

  1. Waiting Time of Bread in Sauce : Slices of bread should not be kept in the egg too long. However, if the bread is made of sourdough like Trabzon bread, it should be kept in this mixture, even if only a little, in order for the slices of bread to absorb the egg.
  2. Eggs: Eggs from other recipes can be used for Fried Egg Toast.
  3. Fried Egg toast with Milk Recipe: Fried egg bread can be made without milk or with milk, depending on taste preferences, softness requirements and high dryness levels of breads. Some add milk and baking powder to make the breads fluffy. Egg bread can be made with baking powder or fried egg toast with soda. In fact, it added to three – four meals tablespoons milk may be sufficient. Milk can also reduce egg odor to some extent.
  4. Egg Bread Recipe with Milky Flour: When fried egg bread is made with milk, a little flour is addedto the egg mixture andan even more different flavor comes out. Another way to use flour in making fried bread with egg flour is as follows: The stale breads that are chopped into cubes are first mixed with a mixture of eggs, a tea glass of milk and a teaspoon of salt, then covered with a tablespoon of flour or breadcrumbs and fried on both sides in hot oil. Fried egg bread is also delicious in a floured form.
  5. How to make yoghurt bread with eggs? Fried Egg Bread with Yoghurt Recipe: Half a glass of yoghurt, four – five eggs, (if desired, two tablespoons of flour, half a teaspoon of baking soda, black pepper, chili pepper, mint) and salt in medium thickness,whipped in a bowl with bread fish yoghurt.It becomes the sauce in which the sliced ​​stale bread will be dipped on both sides. They are placed in a pre-heated greased pan and fried on both sides. Excess oil can be removed with towel paper. Served with toast with yoghurt, cheese, tomato, cucumber and olives for breakfast. Non-smelling egg bread:For those who do not like the smell of eggs, a yoghurt, carbonated, spicy mixture is more suitable as a sauce. Using milk in sauce will also alleviate the smell of eggs.
  6. Spicy Fried Toast with Eggs Recipe: Different spices can be added to the egg mixture to obtain different flavors and remove the smell of eggs while preparing bread fish. Dry mint, thyme, fresh rosemary in the egg mixture in the egg bread recipe; If hot is preferred, red chili, red ground pepper, black pepper can be used. Chopped parsley can also be added to the mortar.
  7. In order for fried egg toast not to absorb oil : In order to obtain Non-Greasy Fried Egg Toast , to grease the pan very little, not to put the egg breads in the pan before the oil is fully fried, not to keep it in the pan, take it on a paper towel lined serving plate when it is removed from the pan and taste it by drawing too much oil. are useful techniques against being. Another way is to make fried egg bread with flour by adding some flour to the scrambled egg.
  8. Baked Egg Toast Recipe – How to make breadfish in the oven? Oil may not be used if fried egg toast is made in the oven. How to bake a lean egg bread to reduce calories or make it lighter? Spread the beaten egg on the bread slices, to which  vegetables such as finely chopped tomatoes and pepperscan be added; Egg breads sprinkled with grated cheddar are placed on a baking tray lined with greaseproof paper and kept in the oven at 180 degrees preheated until they are browned. While egg bread is obtained without frying by frying egg and cheese bread in the oven, oil is never used.
  9. Baked Toast with Sauce Mix a tea glass of milk, a tea glass of cheese, two eggs, two cloves of garlic, salt, black pepper, thyme, red pepper, grated cheddar cheese, three tablespoons of tomato puree, two tablespoons of oil. It is spread on stale bread slices and kept in the oven preheated to 180 degrees until golden brown. It is served hot. The sauce mixture to be used can be made in many different ways: tomato, ketchup, sausage or sausage slices, grated cheddar, spices, salt, dill grass can be used.
  10. Egg Cheese Toast Recipe: For Cheese Bread Fish, 100-150 grams of white cheese is crushed into the egg mixture and whipped well, if the breads are fried in this mixture, the Egg Cheese Toast is obtained without milk.
  11. Toast with Butter and Oil: When frying egg bread, the oil should be around enough to wet the pan and if it is finished, it should be continued to fry gradually. If butter is desired to be used instead of oil, it is not preheated, on the contrary, a dessert with egg breads to prevent it from burningspoon up to the pan. In the Butter Egg Toast, in another way, wide slices of bread pierced with a water glass in the middle are placed in the pan where the butter is melted. Break the egg into the bread and sprinkle black pepper and salt. The other side is ready to serve when turned and cooked. On the other hand, if it is said that the taste of butter is sufficient, eggs may not be used. While preparing toast with butter, butter (can be mixed with crushed garlic, black pepper, salt, olive oil and chopped parsley) is spread on sliced ​​breads, placed in a pan with the oily side at the bottom and heated until golden.
  12. Fried Bread Without Eggs Pour a bowl of grated cheddar cheese, a bowl of curd cheese, a glass of milk, a mortar with finely chopped parsley on the small chopped stale breads and mix well. The breads taken in a greased pan are pressed on them and fried by turning them over.
  13. French Toast Calories: Egg bread – one of the yummy recipes, but it has 287 calories per 100 grams. Source
  14. Fried Egg Toast Presentation: Served hot or warm. Since there will be a loss of flavor when it cools, it is appropriate to make it as needed.
  15. How to make Yogurt Bread? How to make yoghurt bread with cheddar? Mix two tablespoons of yogurt, one egg and a teaspoon of salt in a bowl. It is spread on eight to ten slices of bread. Slices are placed on the baking tray. Add the grated kashar cheese on them. Finally, add three chopped green peppers and cherry tomatoes. It is kept at 180 degrees until it is browned.
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