Hummus Recipe with Tahini


How is the recipe for hummus at home? How to make quick hummus recipe fast Can the easy hummus recipe be delicious? If a blender is used, will the original real genuine traditional hummus recipe lose its originality? Maybe, it is a valuable tool for a simple hummus recipe… However, if it is said “I can’t deal with hummus without rondos recipe, let hummus recipe is easy”, ready-made chickpeas can also be used. If you haven’t heard of it, there is also a recipe for hummus from chickpeas. Chickpeas, which do not need to be beaten in a mortar with blender, should be removed from their shells one by one beforehand … But even a light rubbing is enough for this. Here is the delicious hummus recipe with guaranteed measured tahini with pictures, suitable for vegan diet …


Hummus Recipe Ingredients

  • A glass of boiled, shelled chickpeas
  • (It is placed in a bowl of water the night before to soften it.)
  • Half tea glass of oil
  • Half tea glass of tahini
  • Two to three cloves of garlic
  • A teaspoon of red pepper
  • The juice of a lemon
  • A teaspoon of salt
Hummus Recipe with Tahini

Easy Hummus Recipe with Tahini Preparation – How to Make a Delicious Hummus Recipe?

  • In the hummus recipe, firstly the chickpeas and finely chopped garlic are ground in a chopper until they turn into flour.
  • Secondly, add tahini, olive oil, pepper, lemon juice and salt and mix until it becomes smooth.
  • Then, a little extra virgin olive oil and chili pepper are drizzled on the hummus taken on a serving plate.
  • Homemade chickpeas and tahini hummus is served in the refrigerator after resting for two to three hours.
  • Finally, chopped parsley, cumin and sumac can be used to garnish if desired. Into small cubes salad health and pickled beets will suit him.

Other Matters Related to The Recipe and Hummus Preparation and Recipe Tips:

  • This dish, which means chickpea in Arabic and can also be written as hummus, is made in the Middle East region. Indeed, it is valued as a meal, as well as a pre-meal snack or breakfast. It can be spread on toasted bread slices. Hummus can be served with corn chips as a hummus snack or dip.
  • Various Hummus Types for Those Looking for Different Hummus Recipes: The recipe for making hummus has changed by making changes in the ingredients of the real hummus recipe. Hummus recipe recipes are too diverse to count. Hummus recipe is made with chickpeas or hummus recipe is made with chickpea flour. If it is said “I want a hummus recipe but the hummus recipe without chickpeas”, there are hummus with broad beans recipe, bean hummus recipe, potato hummus recipe, pistachio hummus recipe, walnut hummus recipe, chicken hummus recipe. Hummus recipe can also be with bacon without garlic. There is hummus with beet recipe for colorful hummus and hummus with basil recipe for different scent. Besides this, the recipe for hummus is normally tahini. With olive oil aboveIn addition to the hummus recipe, the buttery hummus recipe is also common. If the light hummus recipe is made without tahini, would it be called hummus anymore? Let those who try him decide. In order to keep the hummus recipe suitable for the diet, the recipe for hummus without tahini is applied.
  • If the recipe for hummus is made with 2 cups of chickpeas, it is necessary to double the measurements.
  • Hummus recipe calories: Although the hummus recipe is one of the delicious meals, 100 grams of it is 166.1 kcal. Source

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