How To Make The Sugarless Noah’s Pudding (Ashura)

How To Make The Sugarless Noah Pudding (Ashura)
How To Make The Sugarless Noah’s Pudding (Ashure)

What is Ashura? The definition of Wikipedia is somewhat wrong. It is explained as Turkish dessert asure (aşure) or Noah’s pudding is a Turkish dessert porridge that is made of a mixture consisting of grains, fruits, dried fruits and nuts. Indeed it has nothing to the oat. It is served all year round in Turkey, specially during Muharram, the first month of the Islamic calendar, since the 10th of Muharrem corresponds to the Day of Ashure. (“Ashura” is Arabic for “tenth”.)

Traditionally, ashure is prepared in vast amount to celebrate the ark’s landing and is delivered to friends, neighbors, relatives, colleagues, classmates, and others, regardless of the recipient’s religion or belief system as an offering of love and peace. Also the dictionary is wrong that “Ashure was traditionally made and eaten during the colder months of the year due to its heavy and calorie rich nature, but now it is enjoyed year-round.” The timing was linked only to month Muharrem. The Islamic calendar has 12 months, each with 29 or 30 days and is based on the moon, not the sun. The Islamic calendar year is 11 days shorter than the Gregorian calendar year. So the exact date around which this holiday is held moves approximately ten days earlier every year. As a result of this, Muharram can be in any season. But “calorie rich nature” may somewhat be overcomed.

Nowadays, Turkish dessert asure recipe comprises sugar. Indeed, there is no evidence of the existence of refined sugar factory in the era of the Great Flood. By the way, indeed, it must be taken into consideration that ashura may not be a dessert. Anyway, if Noah’s pudding is a dessert, is it possible to achieve a more natural ashura today? What are our options? Molasses can darken the color and taste may aggravate to some extent. What about using the sweetest fruit of the corresponding season? The idea of “Yes, but that is not enough.” requires resorting to the help of bees. No need to worry; of course, honey should not be boiled. In fact, the diet ashura recipe is also an easy asure recipe. Here’s the solution:

Sugar-free Asure Noah’s Pudding Recipe Ingredients:

1 cup husked wheat

½ cup cooked dry white beans

½ cup boiled chickpeas

¼ cup rice

1 cup raisin

6 – 7 sun dried apricots

5 – 6 dates (remove seeds)

3 – 4 ripe persimmons (remove seeds, peel and liquidize them in a mixer.)

2 tablespoons of honey

A tip of a teaspoon of salt

For the topping: Cinnamon, currants, walnuts, hazelnuts, pomegranate seeds, dried figs

How To Make The Sugarless Noahs Own Pudding Recipe (How to make Ashura)

Directions For Refined-Sugar-Free Ashura (The Best Asure Recipe)

  1. Soak wheat, beans, and chickpeas in separate bowls overnight (7 – 10 hours before cooking). In the evening, wash the wheat, put in a pot, add water to the same height of wheat, and boil a few minutes. Wash and soak beans and chickpeas separately. 
  2. The next day; get the wheat to a large pot. Add water enough to pass over 2 – 3 fingers the level of wheat, and allow cooking. Boil the bean and chickpeas separately. 
  3. Wash the apricots, cut into very small slices, and soak. Wash the raisins and soak in the water. 
  4. Add boiled and drained beans and chickpeas to the softened wheat. Add salt and rice. 
  5. When all the ingredients in the pot are thoroughly softened, add drained raisin, drained apricot, finely chopped dates. 
  6. The water of ashura is controlled. If it is too solid or not liquid enough, add the boiled water. 
  7. As it nears to be cooked, add persimmons. 
  8. As its viscosity indicates that it cooked, turn off the cooker. But if desired, a tablespoon of rosewater suitable for food can be added just before turning off it. 
  9. After 5 – 10 minutes elapsed, add honey and stir. Pour it into the bowls as it hot. 
  10. After cooling, the Refined-Sugar-Free Ashura is bedecked with optionally cinnamon, currants, walnuts, pomegranate seeds, finely chopped dried figs, and nuts.

Additional Information and Tips on Noah’s puding Recipe

Dr Oetker Asure Recipe: Taking too long, when prepared traditionally; thanks to the ingredients included, which have the measurements that require expertise, it is now very easy to prepare… Containing grains and legumes such as wheat paste, chickpeas, beans and fruits such as dry grapes, orange peel, dry apricots, dried figs, red currants; this product may be prepared with either water or milk. Wheat pudding with dried nuts recipe vegan style requires the usage of water. It is also possible to reach tips and recipes for preparing Aşure with syrup from the back of its packages.

Preparation: 1) Add 750 ml of water to the pan and add the contents of the package. 2) Cook over medium heat, stirring continuously. Boil; reduce the heat and continue cooking by stirring continuously, without putting the pan for 20 minutes. 3) Remove from the stove and let it cool down for 5 minutes, stirring occasionally. Use a scoop to pour Aşure into the service bowls. After waiting for five minutes, decorate their surfaces and serve cold or warm.

Ashure Historical Background, Noah’s Ark Story, Noah’s Pudding Story

Since the people who traditionally prepares this dessert believe in Islam, it may be useful to learn about the story behind Noah’s Pudding according to the Islamic narration of THE PROPHET NOAH (NUH): Many hundred years passed after Adam and the Earth was filled with his children. As time passed, the children of Adam, forgot Allah and started to worship statues made of stones. They became bad and they started to lie, steal and some became mean and greedy. Allah the most Merciful, sent Noah (pbuh) to these people to bring them back to the right path and His worship. Noah invited the people to come back to Tawhîd. He asked them to give up Idol worshipping and all other vices which they had developed. He warned them about the Day of Judgement. (A’raf 7: 64) Noah did his best for many years to make people come to worship Allah. But the people did not listen. They laughed at him, mocked him, despised him, and called him crazy and a liar. (Shuarah 26: 118) Noah lived 950 years and within this long period, only a few people responded to his call. Even his sons and wife did not believe in him. (Ankabut 29: 14) Noah (pbuh) became so fed up with the stubbornness of their opposition to the truth that he ultimately prayed to Allah. “Leave not upon the land anyone from the unbelievers.” (Nouh 71: 26) So, He cried unto His Lord saying: “I am vanquished, so give help” (Qamar 54: 10) He also prayed to Allah to save him and his followers. And Allah, Almighty, accepted Noah’s prayer and asked him to build an Ark. Noah started to construct the ark. It was not an easy task. But prophet Noah persevered. (Hûd 11: 37) What did people say when they saw Noah building an ark? They laughed at him and thought that Noah must have gone mad. They could not see the reason for building so huge an ark, hundreds of miles away from the sea. (Hûd 11: 38) Noah told the mockers that a flood would soon overcome them and they would have no place to take shelter. The people laughed even more. But Allah’s plans soon came true and the disbelievers saw it happened. Suddenly the skies became dark and thunder and rain followed, it rained and rained and the whole land became flooded. There was water everywhere. Every living thing drowned except those that were in the ark which was floating on top of the water. (Qamar 54: 11-15) After many days of hard work, the ark was completed and Allah asked Noah to take a pair (one male, one female) of all the animals, into the ark. Noah and his followers boarded afterward. (Hûd 11: 40-41) How long did the Flood last? The Flood lasted five months and it destroyed all the disbelievers, even Noah’s son, an unbeliever, was not saved. Noah had asked permission of Allah to take his son in the ark but he was refused. He was told that an unbelieving son was no part of his family. Noah felt sorry and Allah forgave him. Noah and his followers were safe in the Ark. (Hûd 11: 45-47) At last the skies began to clear and the ark halted at Mount Judi. (Yes, it’s not Mount Ararat according to Koran) Noah and his followers disembarked. Thus Allah saved Noah and his followers. So, Noah is called the second of our fathers on earth.

After this point traditions explain the dessert. Islam has nothing related to this dish. Noah’s family celebrated with a special dish when Noah’s Ark came to rest on Mount Judi. Since their supplies were almost exhausted, what remained (primarily grains, dried fruits and the like) was cooked together to form a pudding, which is now called ashura. Turkish families are making ashure puddings to commemorate this event. Ashure is distributed to the poor, as well as to neighbors, friends and relatives.

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