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We can call it small sweet pieces of dough for pancakes. It is very important that the pancake, which you will sympathize with, is soft and fluffy due to its appearance. In addition to being around 10 cm in size, its flavor is huge. Did you think why Americans are so overweight? One of the reasons for this is this famous fluffy. Although it is not a factor in itself, people do not prefer to eat pancakes plain, so they prefer to put tea currant or maple syrup with or on top . This way, calories are at the ceiling.

The pancake, which usually decorates breakfast, deserves a lot of praise. Because pancake is a very social food. You can make friends with whatever you want. This could be a chocolate paste (nutella), cheese or honey .
It can be consumed in mid-morning or at 5 o’clock tea. But it is often confused with crepe. It is true that there is a blood link between them. However, since several materials are different, they are regarded as distantly related. The most distinctive differences are that the crepe dough is thin and large, there is no baking powder in the crepe, and it has a slightly sugary structure.

Where does the name pancake come from?

It is a flavor first discovered in Ancient Greek cuisines in history. Pancake has various names in different geographies. Since the 1400s, the British Pancake and hotcake term that we use as translated as pan cake. We can get a tip here. Pan is used during its construction. France, Belgium, Switzerland, Canada, Chile, Portugal and Brazil in countries such as “Creepe,” in Germany the Pfannkuchen and Kaiserschmarrn are pronounced.

How To Make Pancakes? The ingredients for this friendly food are flour, salt, baking powder, granulated sugar, eggs, butter and milk . In its preparation, it is necessary to mix the solid and liquid materials separately and then combine them. We shouldn’t do the whisking for too long. This helps us to make light but fluffy doughs.

How is the Easy Pancake Recipe? You only need milk, eggs , some flour, and some sugar to make those fluffy pancakes . It is very easy to prepare this flavor, which turns breakfasts and five teas into a feast … You are in the right place for Breakfast Pancake Recipe. Here is the Making of Plain Pancake Recipe …


Ingredients for Easy Pancake

Two – three meals tablespoons butter

One and a half coffee cups of flour

One egg

Four tablespoons of granulated sugar

A tea spoon of baking powder

One large tea glass of milk

Honey or any jam for serving


Easy Pancake Recipe – Pancake Recipe

  1. In a hollow glass bowl, whisk the eggs and sugar. Add softened butter, flour and baking powder. Milk is added slowly and whisked on the one hand. A dough with a boza consistency is obtained.
  2. A small teflon pan is heated. Very little oil is added.
  3. A ladle is taken from the dough and left in the pan. Six parts of it is fried, turned over and the other side is fried.
  4. Likewise, the same treatment is repeated until the dough is finished. Fired Easy Pancakes‘s cakes stacked on top of the plate.
  5. Honey or any jam can be put on them. You can try the orange shell jam.

Other Points Related to Easy Pancake Recipe and Original Pancake Recipe Tips

  1. Chocolate pancakes One egg, two tablespoons of granulated sugar, 1 glass of milk, 1 glass of flour, and a pack of baking powder are mixed in the mixing bowl. The area, which has a smooth consistency, is taken from the dough with a scoop and poured into the middle of the pan, which is slightly oiled and heated. After two minutes of cooking, a spoonful of spreadable chocolate is placed in the middle and spread lightly. Take the amount of dough to cover the chocolate and pour it over the chocolate. It is presented in slices. Cocoa pancakes Cocoa pancakes – one of the yummy recipes and easy. The flour level is adjusted by adding two tablespoons of cocoa to the mixture.
  2. Pancake Recipe with no milk:  If there is no Milk-Free Milk or if you have a lactose allergy, you can also make pancakes without milk. Moreover, it has a taste and lightness that does not look like milky milk. Two eggs are broken into a bowl. Add two tablespoons of granulated sugar on it and mix it well. After one and a half cups of water and three tablespoons of oil, a packet of vanilla and a dessert by adding tablespoon baking powder beating continued. Two glasses of flour is sifted and slowly added. Then, it is whipped until it becomes a fluid and smooth mortar. The pan is heated and slightly oiled. The mortar is transferred to the pan in the desired pancake size. After that, it is cooked on both sides until well browned. It is served hot.
  3. Pancake Recipe for 2 People It can be obtained by reducing the amount of material by half.
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